"Tone Set was a New Wave/Technopop band from Tempe, Arizona that formed about 1982. It was comprised of Galen Herod and Greg Horn. KSTM radio helped them promote their hit, "Out out!" which featured sampling from The Gomer Pyle Show, a track that got some airplay in the Phoenix area in the 80's. "Life is Busy" is more pop-sounding and was one of two known videos the band did. The other was a track called "Something to Look Up To" under a side project band named "Pointless." "Life is Busy" was run just one time on MTV about 1983. The band was good but not well-promoted. A detailed history can be found at www.synthpunk.org. If you have tracks by obscure but great bands similar to Tone Set from around the world, please contact me."

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