"Dreams, Imagination, Struggle, Beauty, The Soul…..These are the fundamental aspects found in the music of John Koviak. With a solo career spanning over a decade, John Koviak has gathered to him a legion of devoted fans in the United States and abroad, won the praise of critics, and now begins a new phase in a musical journey that may lay down some new ways of thinking for electronic acts to come.
Emerging from the Southern California alternative music scene in the late 1980's, John started out as a guitarist/bassist before unfulfilling band experiences eventually prompted him to try and create music on his own. Thus John's first solo project, the highly acclaimed Sub Version, was born. Taking on the tasks of songwriting, lyrics/vocals, instruments, programming, and production entirely on his own, as Sub Version, John successfully completed three releases--Metamorphosis (1992), Damaged Gods (1994), and The Winds of War (1997).
Sub Version also contributed a cover of Joy Division's "Heart and Soul" to the Ceremonial (1995) tribute CD on Mere Mortal Records. In the summer of 1996 John, performing as a live guitarist, accompanied Faith and the Muse to Germany for the Zillo Festival. Upon his return from Europe, which included a visit to his beloved, ancestral Poland, John rejoined the band for the U.S. Apparition tour. It was perhaps the best opportunity fans had to see him live, for Sub Version shows were exceedingly rare.
Though variously described as dark-wave, gothic, and industrial, John's work transcended labels, incorporating elements of all of these yet remaining distinctly apart from them. Its one consistent feature was the darkly emotional soundscapes John layered with his unique and dynamic vocal style (a combination many have found irresistible). The Winds of War in particular demonstrated John's true capabilities as a composer, from touching instrumentals to club-friendly dance beats such as “Will”, to heart-wrenching ballads such as “You live in my Dreams”.
After the Winds of War, John took a break in order to realize some new ideas that were emerging that seemed to be a departure from Sub Version. The Heaven EP in 2002 was the official beginning of this new chapter and the Imagination EP followed soon after in 2003. While Sub Version was an at times a questioning and distortion-laden exploration of the deeper aspects of life and living... John's new work displays a lighter side, and the maturity of one who has evolved from his experiences. It also found him returning more to the guitar, both in the studio as well as on stage. John is certain to continue pushing the boundaries of the underground scene, to charm critics and captivate fans the world over by succeeding where most electronic bands fail--by allowing true emotion rather than technological prowess to take precedence.
While John is currently writing new music and preparing for live tours of his own, he has most recently been seen active as a live guitarist and Violinist for Faith & the Muse. He accompanied them on their European 2003 “Burning Season” tour, performed with them at Mera Luna 2004, on the 2004 United States tour, and lastly, two unforgettable shows in the enchanting town of Santiago, Chile. John is also currently looking for a European label to release his back catalogue of music for wide distribution."

Información literalmente extraída de Discogs.com (haz click aquí para entrar)... Brutal dark-wave muy industrial, creado y producido por el mismo John Koviak; de este trabajo quiero destacar en particular el tema "The Sound" (corte B1), aunque globalmente me parece un álbum buenísimo. Juzguen ustedes mismos.

Sub Version - Metamorphosis

Sello Discográfico: -
DG 005 Cr02
País Edición:
Estados Unidos

A1. Metamorphosize
A2. Frozen

B1. The Sound
B2. Black Rat

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Anónimo dijo...

Excelente aporte.Mejor calificado imposible: BRUTAL.

chorbyradio dijo...

Otro gran descubrimiento para mí.
Oscuro y potente.
Habrá que buscar por la red.
Saludos eléctricos.