"John Paul Young began his music career in 1977 as the frontman for The Cardboard Brains who helped define the Toronto Queen Street circuit with their tireless work ethic playing clubs like The Edge and The Horseshoe Tavern.
The band released a 7" four song EP called, simply, 'The White EP' in 1977 as they performed alongside such notorious acts as The Viletones, Teenage Head and The Ugly among other notables. With several line-up changes the band continued developing its unique cross of King Crimson-inspired art-punk which led to the release of a 12" 1979's four song follow-up called 'The Black EP' -- which contained the 7" single as a free bonus. That same year the band would achieve its biggest claim to fame when they were immortalized on film and record for their performance as part of the 'The Last Pogo' movie and soundtrack recording.
But, by the following year, John Paul Young yearned for a more stable and reliable format to produce his music and went solo at which time he performed all his own instrumentation in a new set of recordings in 1980 entitled 'The Life Of Ermie Scub' which won a CASBY Award.
The band reunited for The Edge's brief resurrection and anniversary celebration April 26, 1981. Recordings from this performance were released as a live album in 1982 before the band split up for good.
John Paul Young is a successful actor in many Canadian television productions such as 'Earth: Final Conflict' and movies such as 'Sanctuary' & 'Sabotage', as well as contributing to movie soundtracks such as 'The Gate' and 'Metal Messiah'. He has since resurrected the Cardboard Brains on several occasions for club dates in Toronto, initially to coincide with the John Paul Young And Cardboard Brains 'best of' compilation CD, and then in 2000 as a prelude to a possible new Cardboard Brains recording project."

Información extraída de la web canoe.ca, si accedes haciendo click sobre el enlace que sigue encontrarás más detalles relacionados con este artista canadiense y datos sobre su biografía como músico:

Para quien quiera una buena dosis de sintetizadores y minimalismo oscuro planeador, aquí tiene una pieza inolvidable. Melodías intimistas pero agresivas, letras universales que no pierden un ápice de actualidad, aunque ya tengan más de treinta años de vida; este fue el primer trabajo en solitario de John Paul Young, un músico y actor de Canadá (muchas sorpresas creo que nos tiene deparado éste bonito país...), con una sensibilidad y creatividad fuera de lo común. Genial. Por cierto, la numeración que aparece escrita en la parte posterior del disco es errónea (error que también se reproduce en Discogs): el tema A5 no es "Summertime!", éste es el tema último de la cara A (o sea, el A6), y "Is That Why?" sí que aparece en el corte A5, y no al final. Salut.


John Paul Young - The Life of Ermie Scub

Sello Discográfico: CMDC
Referencia: SC 8922
Formato: Vinilo 12", 33 RPM
País Edición: Canadá
Año: 1980

A1. Ermie Has Feelers
A2. All The Sad Goodbyes
A3. Have You Seen The Boy In The Gutter With The Broken Mind?
A4. Our Time Escapes
A5. Is That Why?
A6. Summertime!

B1. The Monster In Ed
B2. The Girl Spells Grief
B3. Angels With Dirty Faces
B4. The Boulevards Of Hope
B5. Surrender To The Void

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